Thursday, January 30, 2014

Where is the snow

Where is the snow? Let's just say I am all fluffed up with nowhere to go. First there was Meeka who was rescued from Montana. Then came Nala from Washington. Luna from California makes three and Steeler from Oregon completes the team....for now. All Siberian Huskies full of mischief and chaos ready to run. We've run in the dirt, dug holes in the dirt too. The front yard now has a very complex tunneling system. Did I mention our dirt is black sticky clay? My Father asked me one day " Do those dogs poop in the holes? " I chuckled and said " No Dad, I did it....put the poop there to discourage them from digging " We both laughed so hard. My office at the shop is full of dog beds and as I type there are 4 fluff faces and 1 very devoted border collie snoozing away. We may not have snow but my heart is full.

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